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Saddle Accessories

Here at Unicorn Saddlery, we have a great range of saddle accessories to accompany our fantastic range of saddles in all varieties, from general purpose to dressage and jumping saddles. Our range of saddle accessories provides everything you need to take great care of your saddle and improve its fit on your horse or pony.

Our range of saddle accessories includes cruppers in a choice of materials including webbing or fine quality English leather. Cruppers are designed to prevent the saddle from slipping forward on the horse’s back, and consist of a strap passed underneath the tail and attaching to the D ring at the back of the saddle. The Dever leather crupper is available in sizes to suit all horses and ponies, from the Shetland pony to the cob and full sized horse. Also within this range are our seat savers, designed to transform an uncomfortable saddle into a luxuriously comfortable ride, relieving pressure on the rider’s seat bones and preventing bruising and soreness from the saddle. Available in a choice of suede or wool and suitable for most saddles, these seat savers are fantastic for improving the comfort factor when riding for long periods of time.

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Collegiate Monkey Grip
Our Price: £19.99 
Dever Crupper
Our Price: £27.95 
Easy-Change Gullet Gauge
Our Price: £23.50 
Easy Change Gullet Gauge
Griffin Nuumed Dressage Girth Sleeve
Our Price: £25.00 
Dressage Girth Sleeve
Griffin Nuumed Girth Sleeve
Our Price: £27.50 
Griffin Nuumed Original Wool Seamless Seat Saver
Our Price: £46.00 
Original Wool Seamless Seat Saver
Hy Comfort Girth Sleeve
Our Price: £4.75 
Hy Comfort Girth Sleeve
Prolite Seat Saver
Our Price: £49.95 
Rambo Deluxe Saddle Cover
Our Price: £23.35
Regular Price: £25.95
Saving: £2.60 
Shires Blenheim Girth Buckle Guards 494
Our Price: £8.99 
Shires Blenheim Buckle Guards
Shires Fleece Saddle Covers
Our Price: £13.99 
Shires Fleece Saddle Cover
Shires Waterproof Ride-On Saddle Cover
Our Price: £7.99 
Shires Waterproof Ride-On Saddle Cover
Shires Waterproof Ride-On Saddle Cover
Our Price: £14.99 
Shires Waterproof Ride-On Saddle Cover
Thorowgood R-Bar
Our Price: £21.95 
Thorowgood S-Bar
Our Price: £21.95 

Web Crupper
Our Price: £3.99 
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More Information

Other products available within our saddle accessories range are saddle covers to protect your saddle and keep it clean, adjustment bars to quickly alter the width of your saddles, and a handy waterproof phone case, ideal for safely carrying your phone whilst out hacking.

Whether you are looking for an essential item to keep your horse more comfortable and to correct common issues, or a luxury seat saver, there is bound to be a suitable item within our range of saddle accessories to perfectly complement your horse’s saddle.

If you would like some advice or guidance on purchasing saddle accessories, arranging a saddle fitting, or if you would like some further information on our stock, please call and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members on 01823 481484, or e-mail We are happy to help and offer advice to our customers.

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