Horse Riding Footwear Accessories

Taking good care of your riding boots and other footwear is extremely important to maintain their quality, and keep them looking great and ready for the show ring, or simply presentable for everyday wear. By keeping the leather clean, conditioned and waterproofed, you can avoid damage such as cracks and splits, helping keep your boots at their original standard.

Here at Unicorn Saddlery, we stock an excellent range of horse riding footwear accessories aimed at helping you keep your riding boots and footwear in excellent condition. We provide an extensive range of Ariat footwear care products, which are of great quality, and will keep your boots looking clean and polished year round. Show ring essentials in the range include boot polish in both black and brown, which helps to renew colour, disguise scuffs, and condition the leather.

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Ariat Black Polish
Our Price: £4.75 
Ariat Chocolate Polish
Our Price: £4.75 
Ariat Footwear Deodoriser
Our Price: £4.25 
Footwear Deodoriser
Ariat Leather Waterproofer Aerosol
Our Price: £7.50 
Leather Waterproofer
Ariat Leather Waterproofer Pump
Our Price: £6.30 
Leather Waterproofer Pump

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Other useful horse riding footwear accessories in this range include leather conditioners and waterproofers, which are essential products for getting the best wear out of your riding boots, and to preserve their protective barrier against harsh weather conditions. By maintaining your leather care regime using these products, your boots will continue to provide the protection you need, and continue their quality as a result. Other accessories include boot deodoriser to keep footwear smelling clean and fresh, shine products for a presentable finish, and boot pulls to make putting on your boots quick and easy.

Our range of top quality care products will help ensure your boots are kept fresh, clean and in good condition, to prolong their life and keep them looking show ready.

If you would like any help or guidance with purchasing horse riding footwear accessories, or if you would like any further information on our range of products, please feel free to call and speak to one of our friendly team members on 01823 481484 or e-mail We are happy to help and offer advice to our customers.

Ariat Horse Riding Footwear Accessories
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