Horse Stable Rugs

If you are looking for a high quality stable rug for your horse and want to find competitive prices and support from knowledgeable staff, then you should visit Unicorn Saddlery Warehouse!

Horse stable rugs are designed for use inside the stable and provide warmth to the horse. They come in a range of insulation weights starting from light and ending in heavy with the heaviest offering the greatest amount of insulation during the coldest of conditions.

When selecting a stable rug the most important factors are to insure it fits well, does not rub the skin and provides the warmth that is required for the horse.

Here at Unicorn Saddlery we stock a great range of Amigo, Rhino, Rambo and Bridleway stable rugs, all at competitive prices and in a good range of colours and styles.

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Amigo Insulator Heavy Plus
Our Price: £85.50
Regular Price: £95.00
Saving: £9.50 
Insulator Plus 350g
Amigo Insulator Medium Plus
Our Price: £86.35
Regular Price: £95.95
Saving: £9.60 
Insulator Plus 200g
Amigo Insulator Stable 200g
Our Price: £62.95
Regular Price: £69.95
Saving: £7.00 
Amigo Insulator Stable 350g
Our Price: £63.00
Regular Price: £70.00
Saving: £7.00 
Insulator Stable 350g
Amigo Insulator Stable Hood 150g
Our Price: £24.00 
Insulator Stable Hood 150g
Amigo Insulator Stable Hood 250g
Our Price: £15.00
Regular Price: £28.00
Saving: £13.00 
Insulator Stable Hood 250g
Amigo Mio Insulator Heavy
Our Price: £57.55
Regular Price: £63.00
Saving: £5.45 
Mio Insulator Heavy
Amigo Mio Insulator Medium
Our Price: £49.45
Regular Price: £54.95
Saving: £5.50 
Mio Insulator Stable Medium
Amigo Stable Vari-Layer Plus Heavy
Our Price: £97.20
Regular Price: £108.00
Saving: £10.80 
Amigo Stable Vari Layer Heavy
Amigo Stable Vari-Layer Plus Medium
Our Price: £82.80
Regular Price: £92.00
Saving: £9.20 
Amigo Stable Vari Layer Plus
Amigo XL Insulator Medium
Our Price: £40.00
Regular Price: £70.00
Saving: £30.00 
Rambo Cosy Stable
Our Price: £113.35
Regular Price: £125.95
Saving: £12.60 
Rambo Helix Sheet
Our Price: £75.60
Regular Price: £84.00
Saving: £8.40 
Grand Prix Helix Sheet
Rambo Stable Plus Rug With Vari Layer
Our Price: £120.00
Regular Price: £165.00
Saving: £45.00 
Stable Plus Rug with Vari Layer
Rhino Original Stable *NEW*
Our Price: £73.00
Regular Price: £109.95
Saving: £36.95 
Rhino Original Stable
Rhino Original Stable *New*
Our Price: £83.00
Regular Price: £121.95
Saving: £38.95 
Rhino Original Stable 400g
Rhino Stable Hood
Our Price: £34.00
Regular Price: £47.95
Saving: £13.95 
Rhino Stable Medium
Our Price: £58.00
Regular Price: £95.00
Saving: £37.00 
Rhino Stable Rug Medium
Shires Tempest 200 Stable Rug & Neck
Our Price: £44.99
Regular Price: £59.99
Saving: £15.00 
Shires Tempest 200 Stable Rug & Neck Set
Shires Tempest 300 Stable Combo
Our Price: £48.99
Regular Price: £69.99
Saving: £21.00 
Shires Tempest 300 Stable Rug
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More information

Horse stable rugs are sized in standard rug sizes and here at Unicorn Saddlery we cater for all sizes and shapes of horse from 4'6" right up to 7'3".

They are usually made from non-waterproof materials which often have a tough protective layer made from cotton or nylon. They can include an attachable neck piece for use in cold conditions, which are ideal if your horse is prone to getting cold. Others have the ability to ‘layer’ up giving an extra degree of warmth when required and saving the hassle of having to buy multiple rugs.

Many of the stable rugs can be bought as a part of a range that matches with other equestrian accessories including the very popular Horseware ‘Newmarket’ range.

If you need any help with purchasing a stable rug for your horse please feel free to call and speak to one of our friendly team members on 01823 481484 or email We are happy to help and offer advice to our customers.

A picture of Amigo horse stable rugs
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