Horse Riding Jodhpurs & Breeches

Horse Riding jodhpurs and breeches are an essential item of clothing for the rider and provide comfort in and out of the saddle.

Specially designed to cope with long periods of wear, jodhpurs and breeches are made of high quality fabrics and designed for maximum comfort. A lot of jodhpurs and breeches also include a stretch element, so, for example, Lycra or Elastane may be incorporated into the fabric. This means that the jodhpurs move with you, and it should mean that they are really comfortable. Another comfort feature some people desire from their jodhpurs/breeches is reinforced knee pads and here at Unicorn we stock a good selection with this technical feature built in.

Here at Unicorn Saddlery Warehouse we stock a large range of brands and styles to meet everything from your everyday riding requirements to the finest show styles on the market. Our specially picked range includes items from brands such as Ariat, Caldene, Cavallo and Equetech to name but a few. Our carefully picked range of horse riding jodhpurs and breeches are available in prices for everyone’s budget and we are sure we have the right pair waiting in store for you!

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Ariat Heritage Elite Full Seat
Our Price: £60.00
Regular Price: £99.99
Saving: £39.99 
Ariat Heritage Elite Full Seat
Ariat Heritage Elite Knee Patch
Our Price: £55.00
Regular Price: £89.99
Saving: £34.99 
Ariat Heritage Elite Knee Patch
Ariat Olympia Acclaim Knee-Patch
Our Price: £75.00
Regular Price: £139.99
Saving: £64.99 
Ariat Acclaim Knee-Patch
Ariat Olympia Fashion Contrast Fullseat
Our Price: £159.99 
Olympia Fashion Full Seat
Ariat Olympia Front Zip Breech
Our Price: £115.00 
Olympia Front Zip Breech
Ariat Olympia Full Seat
On Sale Now: £75.00
Regular Price: £125.00
Saving: £50.00 
Olympia Full Seat Breech
Horseware Denim Breeches
Our Price: £54.00
Regular Price: £89.95
Saving: £35.95 
Horseware Denim Breeches KP
Our Price: £49.00
Regular Price: £79.95
Saving: £30.95 
Horseware Riding Tights
Our Price: £54.00
Regular Price: £59.95
Saving: £5.95 
Horseware Riding Tights
Horseware Winter Breeches Knee Patch
Our Price: £79.95 
Winter Breeches with Knee Patch
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More Information

We have stock to cater for children’s, ladies and men’s legwear and our helpful staff can provide you with any advice you need in regards to our range. Ensure you measure yourself for a proper fit before ordering online, and if you visit us in store do ask for advice on fitting. By getting the right fit not only will you look better, you will feel more comfortable and confident while riding, and your performance is certain to improve.

If you have a question about any of our horse riding jodhpurs or breeches, or even a query regarding your order then please feel free to contact us. Speaking to the Unicorn Saddlery team is easy; either call us on 01823 481484 or email

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