Gifts for Horses

Find the right present for you horse this year! Whether they need the snuggliest rug, a matchy matchy set, or just a massage and some treats! We’ve got everything you need to spoil them!

Therapy & Massage

Catago FIR-Tech Pro BackwarmerCatago FIR-Tech Pro Backwarmer
Our Price: £219.00
LeMieux Magno Pastern WrapLeMieux Magno Pastern Wrap
Our Price: £22.50
Kentucky Cryo Ice BootsKentucky Cryo Ice Boots
Our Price: £138.99
Equilibrium Massage PadEquilibrium Massage Pad
Our Price: from £320.00
Equilibrium Massage Mitt HotspotEquilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot
Our Price: £140.00
Catago FIR-Tech Hock BootCatago FIR-Tech Hock Boot
Our Price: £76.00

Cosy Rugs

LeMieux Luxe Fleece Rug - SpruceLeMieux Luxe Fleece Rug - Spruce
Our Price: £129.95
Kentucky Show Rug - 160gKentucky Show Rug - 160g
Our Price: £177.99
Catago Cooler RugCatago Cooler Rug
Our Price: £87.99
Rhino Original Stable Medium VLRhino Original Stable Medium VL
Our Price: £103.55
Rambo Cosy Stable 200gRambo Cosy Stable 200g
Our Price: £118.35

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Haas Brushes
Haas Pony Brush
Our Price: £11.99
Haas Brush for White Horses
Our Price: £11.99
Haas Diva Exklusiv Brush
Our Price: £27.99
Haas Diamond Gloss Brush
Our Price: £19.50
Haas Fellglanz Brush
Our Price: £12.99
Haas Diva Mini Brush
Our Price: £20.99
Haas Cavaliere Brush
Our Price: £17.99
Haas Parcour Brush
Our Price: £16.99
Haas Go 4 Gold Set
Our Price: £17.99
Haas Country Brush
Our Price: £20.99
Haas Brenig Madoc Brush
Our Price: £8.99
Haas Amazone Brush
Our Price: £13.99

Matchy Sets


Fly Hoods
LeMieux Loire Fly Hood - SpruceLeMieux Loire Fly Hood - Spruce
Our Price: £34.95
LeMieux Loire Fly Hood - OrchidLeMieux Loire Fly Hood - Orchid
Our Price: £34.95


Stable Toys
Kentucky Relax Toy UnicornKentucky Relax Toy Unicorn
Our Price: £34.99
Kentucky Relax Toy AlpacaKentucky Relax Toy Alpaca
Our Price: £38.99
Kentucky Relax Toy PonyKentucky Relax Toy Pony
Our Price: £34.99
Kentucky Relax Toy BearKentucky Relax Toy Bear
Our Price: £38.99

Likit Carousel Treat TinLikit Carousel Treat Tin
Our Price: £12.99 (VAT exempt)
Likit Boredom Breaker
Our Price: from £29.95
Likit Tongue Twister
Our Price: £29.95
Likit Snak-a-Ball
Our Price: £30.99
Likit HolderLikit Holder
Our Price: £11.99
Little Likit RefillLittle Likit Refill
Our Price: £2.20 (VAT exempt)
Likit RefillLikit Refill
Our Price: £2.99 (VAT exempt)
Stud Muffins
Our Price: from £4.20 (VAT exempt)
Tasty Treats
Our Price: from £8.50 (VAT exempt)
NAF Blueberry & Banana TreatsNAF Blueberry & Banana Treats
Our Price: £4.75 (VAT exempt)
NAF Cherry Treats
Our Price: £4.75 (VAT exempt)
NAF Hedgy Treats
Our Price: £4.75 (VAT exempt)
NAF Minty Treats
Our Price: £4.75 (VAT exempt)
NAF Appy Treats
Our Price: £4.75 (VAT exempt)
Saracen Christmas Munchies
Our Price: £9.75 (VAT exempt)