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Bates Artiste ClassicBates Artiste Classic
Bates Artiste Classic
Be as one… the secret to ignite your dressage performance. Discover the artistry in bold innovations that are surprisingly about the subtlety in riding. A position so natural and a connection so sensitive the saddle all but disappears and your performance is amplified. The artistry… this saddle celebrates the art of dressage – the sculpted performance conducted by horse and...
Our Price: £3,499.00
Bates Innova Mono+ CairBates Innova Mono+ Cair
Bates Innova Mono+ Cair
Bates Innova Mono+ Saddle Experience the ultra-close contact and luxury of the Bates Innova Mono+, featuring luxurious double-lined leather renowned for its ultra-soft, natural and grippy characteristics. The innovative mono flap design ensures unrivalled close contact, connection and rider customisation by utilising the benefits of the FlexiContourbloc and Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar. The...
Our Price: £2,699.00

Bates All Purpose SCBates All Purpose SC
Bates All Purpose SC
Bates All Purpose SC Saddle
Our Price: £1,199.00
Bates WIDE Dressage+ Cair Classic
Bates WIDE Dressage+ Cair Classic
The Bates WIDE Dressage saddle is a cutting edge dressage saddle specially designed for your wider horse. The performance driven deep seat delivers an unsurpassed level of comfort and contact never previously experienced in a WIDE saddle. The new deep seat and ultra-narrow waist enables you to sit more into the saddle to support a well-balanced and central position, while the innovative features ensure...
Our Price: £1,799.00

Bates Advanta EventBates Advanta Event
Bates Advanta Event
The Bates Advanta® 
Our Price: £2,699.00
Bates Victrix JumpBates Victrix Jump
Bates Victrix Jump
Bates Victrix Victory is yours…in your new show jumping secret weapon. Unleash your horse’s true power in the Bates Victrix. Lightweight and compact, the ultra-close Bates Victrix offers your horse complete comfort and freedom in every stride, giving your partnership the edge over the competition. When every second matters and you are powered by instinct… trust in the Bates...
Our Price: £2,899.00

Bates Webbers
Bates Webbers
straps made without buckles to reduce the lump under your thigh and provide closer contact to your horse. The single thickness under the leg removes excess bulk and interference, facilitating the accurate delivery of leg aids. Made in luxurious leather to match your Bates Saddle, with a webbing core to ensure they will not stretch and cause unevenness.
Our Price: £49.99

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