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Cotton Lunge Rein
Cotton Lunge Rein
Solid 1” wide cotton lunge rein with trigger clip and loop handle.
Our Price: £8.99
Fleece Lined Lunging CavessonFleece Lined Lunging Cavesson
Fleece Lined Lunging Cavesson
This nylon web lunge cavesson benefits from synthetic wool fleece padding at the poll and noseband for enhanced comfort and to prevent chaffing.
Our Price: £23.99

Lunge Cavesson
Lunge Cavesson
The Shires economy nylon lunge cavesson is made from strong nylon web with three rings on the noseband.
Our Price: £24.99
Lungie BungieLungie Bungie
Lungie Bungie
Polypads Lungie Bungie Designed to mimic a good rider's hands, the lungie bungie encourages horses to relax into the contact. Totally adjustable and suitable for ridden schooling as well as lunge work. Developed with Team Fredricks.
Our Price: £37.99

Nylon Roller Fleece PaddingNylon Roller Fleece Padding
Nylon Roller Fleece Padding
Shires Nylon Roller with Fleece Nylon roller with 11 D-rings with a fleece lining across the top and a girth. Features 11 Rings for a variety of uses Girth adjustable on both sides Stainless steel fittings
Our Price: £17.99
Roller/Surcingle Pad
Roller/Surcingle Pad
Essential back protection while lungeing. The only pad of its kind – preventing bruising or soreness from the roller while lungeing for exercise or rehabilitation. Adjustable straps allow easy fitting to any roller. An award-winning product.
Our Price: £26.00

Shires Nylon Web Side Reins
Shires Nylon Web Side Reins
Web side reins with elastic inserts and trigger clips. Set of 2. Measures 1"(25mm) wide.
Our Price: £10.50
Shires Wessex Soft Feel Lunge Line
Shires Wessex Soft Feel Lunge Line
Soft tubular nylon web lunge rein featuring swivel trigger clip at one end and hand loop at the other.
Our Price: £7.99