Ecorider products have been designed to work in harmony with your horse. The handcrafted eco-friendly and hypoallergenic leatherwork is made from the finest quality vegetable-tanned leather and contains no hazardous chemicals. Their products are designed to reduce pressure to ensure you and your horse experience optimum comfort during riding.

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Ecorider Ecolux Bridle
Ecorider Ecolux Bridle
The Ecolux Bridle moulds to your horse's shape.
Our Price: £89.99
Ecorider Freedom Comfort BridleEcorider Freedom Comfort Bridle
Ecorider Freedom Comfort Bridle
Made from the finest quality vegetable tanned leather, EcoRider leatherwork has been carefully designed to work in harmony with your horse. Exquisite, handcrafted saddlery, anatomically designed to reduce pressure on sensitive areas, promoting harmony and clarity between horse & rider. This anatomic bridle has been designed to fit your horses shape perfectly, taking pressure off the sensitive...
Our Price: £139.95

Ecorider Freedom Double Bridle
Ecorider Freedom Double Bridle
EcoRider leatherwork has been carefully designed to work in harmony with your horse. Exquisite handcrafted saddlery with the emphasis on reducing pressure in new and ergonomic ways to promote a comfortable and happy horse. The Freedom Double Bridle is elegance itself, but with the anatomical and ergonomic features that make the EcoRider range so outstanding. The EcoRider Freedom Double...
Our Price: £139.00
Ecorider Freedom Grackle BridleEcorider Freedom Grackle Bridle
Ecorider Freedom Grackle Bridle
EcoRider Freedom bridle with grackle noseband
Our Price: £89.99

Ecorider Freedom Jump Bridle
Ecorider Freedom Jump Bridle
A uniquely shaped anatomic bridle designed to minimise pressure and maximise control. Contoured to avoid pressure on cheeks and facial nerves, the chin strap is set back to avoid pressure on the upper molar teeth. The adjustable bow moulds around he nose for each individual horses shape. This bridle also features the freedom headpiece, designed to alleviate pressure from the poll and cut away around...
Our Price: £129.95
Ecorider Show Comfort BridleEcorider Show Comfort Bridle
Ecorider Show Comfort Bridle
A traditional bridle with a modern twist. Using the finest eco leather, this bridle boasts a super soft padded headpiece with a slight anatomic shape with ear cutaway to alleviate pressure of the lower ear. The plain browband is padded for comfort. The plain noseband has soft padding with a channel to allow the flash attachment to be taken off and the bridle be used as a plain noseband. Flash for...
Our Price: £69.95

Ecorider Freedom Browband
Coming Soon
Ecorider Freedom Browband
Click On/ Click Off Browbands
Our Price: £35.00
Ecorider Freedom Saphire Browband
Coming Soon
Ecorider Freedom Saphire Browband
Click On/ Click Off Browbands
Our Price: £20.00

Ecorider Freedom BreastplateEcorider Freedom Breastplate
Ecorider Freedom Breastplate
The Freedom Breastplate prevents the saddle slipping backwards in the take-off phase. It does not cause any pressure points, and gives the horse maximum freedom of the shoulders, avoids rubbing and thus replaces the combination of martingale and hunting breastplate.
Our Price: £150.00
Ecorider Bio Grip Flexi Reins
Ecorider Bio Grip Flexi Reins
Ecorider Bio Grip Flexi Reins Bio Flexi reins offer the rider great grip and are strong and flexible during use. With hook stud billets, stainless steel fittings.
Our Price: £37.50

Ecorider Bamboo Competition Breeches
Ecorider Bamboo Competition Breeches
Ecorider Bamboo Riding Breeches These luxurious Bamboo Breeches are better for you – soft, anti bacterial, anti-static and breathable. They are also better for the environment – bamboo is a high yield grass that needs only rainwater & requires no pesticide or fertiliser. Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass & offers excellent wicking properties...
Our Price: £69.00
Ecorider Freedom Anatomic GirthEcorider Freedom Anatomic Girth
Ecorider Freedom Anatomic Girth
The ergonomic shape of this girth is designed to help prevent the saddle from sliding backwards or being pulled down onto the withers. Designed for use with any saddle that has short girth straps, this girth is shaped and softly padded giving maximum comfort to even the most sensitive horse. Elastic both ends with stainless steel no rust roller buckles.
Our Price: £120.00

Ecorider Deluxe HeadcollarEcorider Deluxe Headcollar
Ecorider Deluxe Headcollar
The ultimate in horse comfort. This deluxe fur headcollar needs to be touched to be believed. Strong yet supersoft this is bound to be a favourite for you and your horse. Great for travelling or for use with sensitive horses, the deluxe fur headcollar features robust no rust fittings and a string throatlash for ease of use.
Our Price: £15.00
Ecorider Elite Headcollar & RopeEcorider Elite Headcollar & Rope
Ecorider Elite Headcollar & Rope
This padded headcollar looks and feels great. With super soft padding on the nose and cheeks and poll with quality no rust robust fittings. The headcollar is adjustable both sides of the poll keeping the soft padding central. The headcollar comes with a strong matching leadrope. Available in 3 beautiful colour combinations so your horse is bound to stand out in a crowd.
Our Price: £17.50

Ecorider Fleece Lined Headcollar & RopeEcorider Fleece Lined Headcollar & Rope
Ecorider Fleece Lined Headcollar & Rope
Adjustable on the poll and top of the nose with soft matching fleece padding on the poll, nose and cheeks. Strong brass fitings and heat sealed eyelets. Comes with matching leadrope.
Our Price: £9.95
Ecorider Plain HeadcollarEcorider Plain Headcollar
Ecorider Plain Headcollar
Strong headcollar with quality fittings, adjustable on the poll and nose.
Our Price: £4.95

Ecorider Elite Leadrope
Ecorider Elite Leadrope
A strong knitted lead rope with a robust trigger hook.
Our Price: £3.95

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