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Point Two Adjustable Saddle Attachment
Point Two Adjustable Saddle Attachment
Adjustable Saddle Attachment The Adjustable Saddle Attachement is designed to be used with the Point Two jacket and features a Nylon stirrup strap that loops between the stirrup hooks , complete with 'D' ring.
Our Price: £11.46
Point Two Bungee Lanyard
Point Two Bungee Lanyard
Bungee Lanyard The Bungee Lanyard from the Point Two range is designed to attach to the riders Point Two jacket and to the the nylon stirrup straps.
Our Price: £49.50

Point Two CanisterPoint Two Canister
Point Two Canister
Our CO2 canisters are almost twice the size of some competitors. That’s one of the reasons our inflation rates are so much faster. Faster inflation rates are what make you safer. And, you being safer is why you should have a spare, because now you can get back up and have another go. 60cc – Child ProAir L, XL, Adult ProAir S, M, L, XL, P2RS XS, S, M, L, XL 50cc – Child ProAir S,...
Our Price: £19.66
Point Two ProAir Jacket
Point Two ProAir Jacket
Point Two ProAir jacket
Our Price: £462.00

Point Two Soft Shell Gilet Air Jacket
Point Two Soft Shell Gilet Air Jacket
The SoftShell is truly an all-day vest. Wear it around the paddock for incredible comfort and then wear it into the ring or on the trail for optimum safety. Then keep it on for night check. The CO2 canister is tucked away in the pocket with a small port that allows the lanyard to extend to the saddle strap when riding, or to be hidden away when socialising. The extended shirt tail protects the lower...
Our Price: £517.00
Seaver Safefit VestSeaver Safefit Vest
Seaver Safefit Vest
The lightest air jacket vest out there, and it offers complete protection to your body in the event of a fall. PLUS a years subscription to the Saferide app is also included!! Saferide is an app that tracks your movements when riding, and alerts friends and family of your location should you fall off so they can easily find you. Giving you ultimate peace of mind for you and your family &...
Our Price: £449.95