Recognised internationally, Schockemohle Sports was launched in 2006, developing well-engineered, high-quality equestrian bridles and reins. Thanks to their clear strategy and strong team, Schockemohle Sports continue to deliver outstanding performance in equestrian sports.

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Schockemohle Equitus Alpha BridleSchockemohle Equitus Alpha Bridle
Schockemohle Equitus Alpha Bridle
Schockemöhle Sports set new standards in equestrian sport with the development of the anatomic “EQUITUS” bridle range. This bridle concept focuses on the sensitive head of the horse. Due to the innovative alignment, EQUITUS ALPHA provides the horse with ultimate wearing comfort. The new alignment avoids for instance the main facial nerve; it spares important blood vessels and arteries...
Our Price: £219.00
Schockemohle Hamburg BridleSchockemohle Hamburg Bridle
Schockemohle Hamburg Bridle
The browband with small metal elements and rhinestones cause the NEO LINE bridle HAMBURG to stand out. A softly padded crown piece guarantees a comfortable fit. HAMBURG has a classic flash noseband and is made out of durable leather.
Our Price: £79.50

Schockemohle Madrid Bridle
Schockemohle Madrid Bridle
Wide combined crank noseband with round shaped rings at sides | noseband approx. 38 mm wide | slightly shaped and softly padded head piece with noseband strap resting on top | back pad with fixed loop | curved browband with big crystal rivets | cheek pieces with hook & stud | throat lash adjustable on both sides | new logo button
Our Price: £129.00
Schockemohle Mannheim BridleSchockemohle Mannheim Bridle
Schockemohle Mannheim Bridle
The narrow cut noseband of NEO LINE bridle MANNHEIM lets this training bridle look particularly elegant. MANNHEIM provides the opportunity to completely remove the flash but also the loop, this way no distracting loop is visible on the noseband when the bridle is used without pull strap. Due to the durable leather in high quality, MANNHEIM is a long-lasting bridle for everyday use.
Our Price: £69.95

Schockemohle Oslo BridleSchockemohle Oslo Bridle
Schockemohle Oslo Bridle
English combined noseband with roller buckle, approx. 30 mm wide | slightly shaped and softly padded head piece with noseband strap resting on top | curved browband with elegant crystal stones | cheek pieces with hook & stud | throat lash adjustable on both sides | new logo button
Our Price: £125.00
Schockemohle Stanford BridleSchockemohle Stanford Bridle
Schockemohle Stanford Bridle
STANFORD combines functionality and sporty design: The bridle with an anatomically shaped crank noseband has a unique neck piece. This was specifically adapted to the horse’s anatomy and allows unconfined movement of the ears. Due to the reduction of pressure in sensitive areas around cheekbone and neck, the comfort of the horse is considerably enhanced. STANFORD is equipped with two browbands:...
Our Price: £210.00

Schockemohle Durasoft ReinsSchockemohle Durasoft Reins
Schockemohle Durasoft Reins
DURASOFT REINS: These innovative and new reins have a tear-resistant nylon core. Reins and rein loops are lined with a sturdy webbing. The quality of the core fabric is comparable to the material of seat belts. The leather is durable but also exceptionally soft and smooth. Incorporated stoppers ensure a secure position in the hands. The reins are fitted with martingale stops and 16 mm wide.
Our Price: £79.95
Schockemohle Gummizugel Rubber ReinsSchockemohle Gummizugel Rubber Reins
Schockemohle Gummizugel Rubber Reins
Plain RUBBER REINS with hook & stud as well as rein stops. The 17 mm wide rubber material lies securely in your hands.
Our Price: £42.50

Schockemohle NEO Rubber ReinsSchockemohle NEO Rubber Reins
Schockemohle NEO Rubber Reins
The NEO RUBBER REINS with buckles match all bridles of the NEO LINE. The reins have martingale stops at the leather ends and are made out of a 17 mm wide, non-slip rubber material.
Our Price: £28.50

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