Flex-On Stirrups

Design Your Own Custom Pair!

Every rider has their preferred look and feel of stirrups, whether that’s sizing, colour, fit or features. Unicorn Saddlery has taken our commitment to customer satisfaction even further by allowing you to design your own custom stirrups!

We have nine frame and 16 elastomer colour options to choose from – ensuring every equestrian stands out with their own unique look. Safe-On, Green Composite and Aluminium stirrups are just some of the many types you can choose from.

So go ahead and click each of the stirrups below to design your own 2D versions. To order email us info@unicornsaddlery.com or give us a call on 01823 481484.

Flex on stirrups - design your own

Green Composite Stirrups

Green Composite Stirrups

Safe On Stirrups

Safe On Stirrups

Aluminium Stirrup

Aluminium Stirrups
Hunter Stirrup
Hunter Stirrups

Frame Colour Options

Elastomer Colour Options

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Flex-on Aluminium Hunter Stirrups
Our Price: £269.95
Flex-on Aluminium Stirrups
Our Price: £269.95
Flex-on Safe-On StirrupsFlex-on Safe-On Stirrups
Our Price: £224.95
Flex-on Green Composite StirrupsFlex-on Green Composite Stirrups
Our Price: £174.95