How to Plait a Mane

Plaiting your horse’s mane can make him look smart and presentable for the show ring, and can also be used to showoff the horse’s neck for an elegant look.

To get the perfect show-ready plaits, you will need:

  • Mane Comb
  • Plaiting Bands
  • Blunt Needle and Plaiting Thread
  • Scissors
  • Quick Plait Spray

For the neatest results, it is best to start with a tidy, pulled mane that has been brushed out and laid all on one side.

1.Separate the mane into equal sections using themane comb, and secure with plaiting bands (a thicker mane will need moresections

2.Take the first section and divide into three –You may find it helpful to dampen the hair with a Quick Plait spray

3.Keeping the tension fairly taut for a neaterfinish, begin to plait the three sections alternately  until the whole length is plaited

4.Once you have reached the end, sew around thebottom to secure. Fold under any loose ends and sew again, to prevent any strayhairs poking out of the finished plait

5.With the needle and thread still attached to thebottom, push the needle through the centre of the plait at the base of themane, and pull upwards. This will cause the plait to fold underneath itself andcreate a loop

6.Push the needle back through the bottom of theloop and pull upwards once more, so that the loop forms a ball

7.Repeat this process, this time threading theneedle through from the left and the right of the plait

8.To finish, wrap the cotton around the base of the plait at the horse’s neck, and make a knot underneath. Cut the remaining thread and finish with a spray to secure

9.Repeat the process for the whole mane and forelock.