Based in Italy, Acavallo are one of the leading brand names for high-quality and forward-thinking horse-riding products. Trusted by both amateur and professional riders, the Acavallo range features a therapeutic gel for enhanced shock absorption to provide extra protection and comfort.

From saddle pads and stirrup irons to bit accessories, our range of Acavallo products will offer the ultimate comfort and protection for you and your horse.

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Acavallo Gel Pad & Front Riser Combo
Acavallo Gel Pad & Front Riser Combo
Acavallo Gel Pad & Front Riser Combo The Acavallo Gel Pad & Front Riser Combo is an innovative non-slip gel saddle pad with an inbuilt front riser. A fantastic combination of non-slip and shock absorbing properties, the Acavallo Gel Pad provides support to the saddle at the front and is ideal for placing under close contact saddles, or where the saddle fits too low on the horse's withers. ...
Our Price: £59.95
Acavallo Gel Pad & Rear Riser ComboAcavallo Gel Pad & Rear Riser Combo
Acavallo Gel Pad & Rear Riser Combo
Moulded three-in-one gel saddle pad combines a built in rear riser with non slip and shock absorbing properties. Low profile ideal for use under close-contact saddles and where lift is required at the back of the saddle. Unique structure of gel allows natural compression conforming to saddle shape and allowing air to move. Very flexible and can be used on top of any numnah and saddle pad. Please...
Our Price: £59.95

Acavallo Just Gel Lambskin Half PadAcavallo Just Gel Lambskin Half Pad
Acavallo Just Gel Lambskin Half Pad
This beautiful pad offers the best of both worlds. The therapeutic shock absorption of our shaped gel pad with added security of the non-slip properties of the gel on both sides. This allows the saddle to adhere to the top side and the bottom side to the numnah/square or the horses back if used on its own. The saddle is then cradled in a luxurious lambswool front & back rolled edge for the...
Our Price: £134.95
Acavallo Shaped Gel PadAcavallo Shaped Gel Pad
Acavallo Shaped Gel Pad
Acavallo Shaped Gel Pad This Shaped gel pad is dual purpose both anti-slip and shock absorbing. It can be used directly onto the skin or between a numnah and the saddle. Features Lightweight Discrete Shock absorbing Easy to clean
Our Price: £49.95

Acavallo Thin-Skin Gel PadAcavallo Thin-Skin Gel Pad
Acavallo Thin-Skin Gel Pad
Acavallo Thin Skin Gel Pad - BlackThis extremely light weight gel pad can be used directly on the horses back or between the numnah and saddle. It is very popular within the showing world as it is excellent for stopping saddles from rolling from side to side. It also helps stop saddles slipping up the neck and slipping backwards. The product can be cut with a pair of scissors for smaller saddles. The...
Our Price: £39.95
Acavallo Aluplus Safety StirrupAcavallo Aluplus Safety Stirrup
Acavallo Aluplus Safety Stirrup
New premium model of our patented, laterally opening Arena stirrups, completely made of certified high-grade anodized aluminum and fitted with a stainless steel tread. Acavallo has carefully chosen and combined the materials used, following detailed research and comprehensive testing. The aluminum, besides giving the stirrup a sleek and elegant appearance, is lightweight and extremely durable,...
Our Price: £174.95

Acavallo Opera Stirrups
Acavallo Opera Stirrups
ACAVALLO OPERA STIRRUP The new Opera Stirrup has a special patented loop suspension permits these stirrups to hang with perfect balance, angle & flexibility. Laser cut stainless steel foot plate is supported by twin moulded side sections. Each side works independently to spread the load and absorb shock.
Our Price: £84.95
Arena Alupro Junior Safety Stirrup
Acavallo presents the brand new collection of Arena Stirrups for kids, based on several years of extensive research, development and success of our Acavallo Arena stirrups. The Arena stirrups Junior collection is made of different kinds of stirrups made with different materials. These models are patented and laterally opening, produced by means of an innovative, patented injection moulding technique. ...
Our Price: £84.96
Regular Price: £124.96
Saving: £40.00

Arena Alupro Safety Stirrup
Patented side opening stirrup with a unique HiFLex stress activated locking & release mechanism with big opening in case of emergency. This stirrup is comprehensively tested and safety certified by TUVRheinland in Germany and has a reliable "one click" reengagement of the stirrup locking and release mechanism once triggered. The inner stirrup arm and footplate constructed of continuous integrated...
Our Price: £99.95
Regular Price: £134.95
Saving: £35.00
Acavallo Gel Bit Guards
Acavallo Gel Bit Guards
Acavallo Gel Bit Guard A great modern improvement on the traditional bit guard this version from Acavello is made from a soft and pliable gel and has a fitted centre to eliminate spinning and any excess movement. Very easy to fit, just heat them in some warm water and pull them on! Features Soft & Pliable gel Eliminates spinning Stays near the cheek pieces when the the bridle is not...
Our Price: £12.55
RRP £12.99

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