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Flex-on Aluminium Stirrups
Flex-on Aluminium Stirrups
Stirrups in the Aluminium Range are made of a special typeof aluminium used in aeronotics. The Flex-on strirrup offerssophisticated bending which absorbs shock, with a tread that hasa grip or ultra grip surface for better adhesion, optimal stabilityand a perfect connection with the mount.The stirrup frame with its offset, skewed slot for the stirrup leatheris ultra-lightweight, it also offers the rider...
Our Price: £249.50
Flex-on Green Composite Junior StirrupsFlex-on Green Composite Junior Stirrups
Flex-on Green Composite Junior Stirrups
Flex-on Junior Green Composit StirrupsThe Junior Green Compound Stirrups from Flex-on has the same characteristics as the big brother Green Composit Stirrups.Resized for children, it combines comfort, performance and new design made from an organically sourced polyamide material. It integrates the check-absorbing Flex-on system and guarantees an upper protection of the young athlete's body. Its inclined...
Our Price: £99.99

Flex-on Green Composite StirrupsFlex-on Green Composite Stirrups
Flex-on Green Composite Stirrups
Flex On Green Composite Stirrups. Great stirrups for anybody that suffers from knee or hip problems as the flex-on serve as a shock absorber Firstly these flex On Green Composite Stirrups are a complete single-piece steel core. Furthermore they are covered by an extremely robust composite polyamide which has been environmentally sourced. The stirrups are light but solid. Easily cleaned. Measurements: 7.5...
Our Price: £159.50
Flex-on Safe-On StirrupsFlex-on Safe-On Stirrups
Flex-on Safe-On Stirrups
Flex On Safe-On Stirrups. Great stirrups for anybody that suffers from knee or hip problems as the flex-on serve as a shock absorber. The Flex-on elastomer technology reduces the pressure on the riders’ joints and helps top prevent joint injuries. This material absorbs and reduces the shock-waves generated by all the movements. Especially of the horse that riders must soak up in order to...
Our Price: £224.95

Flex-on Stirrup Magnets
Flex-on Stirrup Magnets
Customise your Flex-on stirrups with optional decorative inserts The inserts at the top of the frame on Flex-on stirrups are fixed into place magnetically and can easily be removed and replaced with a different pair. Flex-on provide a variety of insert designs to replace the ones that come with the stirrups. Compatible with all models except Junior, which have a different-shaped insert.
Our Price: £12.50