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Freejump Soft Up Lite
Freejump Soft Up Lite
FREEJUMP SOFT’UP LITE : Safety, performance, resistance and reliability for ladies and young champions Outer branch more flexible and now customizable. Single-branch stirrups reduced in size (footwear up to 39) designed after the SOFT’UP PRO. The SOFT’UP LITE features a new flexible outer branch which helps to free the foot in case of a fall. A removable PIN’S is attached...
Our Price: £145.00
Freejump Soft'Up Pro StirrupsFreejump Soft'Up Pro Stirrups
Freejump Soft'Up Pro Stirrups
FreeJump Soft'Up Pro Stirrups SOFT'UP PRO is a new single branch riding stirrup which combines comfort, safety and simplicity. Its patented flexible outer branch made of Elastollan® helps to free the foot in case of a fall. The nonskid wide elastomer floor removable, the ABS shell, the high resistance spring steel monobranch guarantee the best riding conditions. Features: 45 Degree angle...
Our Price: from £229.95

Freejump Stirrup PocketFreejump Stirrup Pocket
Freejump Stirrup Pocket
The FreeJump Stirrup Pockets keep your saddle protected with a soft neoprene and polar fleece lining. Designed to fit the Freejump stirrups. Perfectly adapted to fit the Freejump Soft’Up Pro. The Soft’Up Classic and Soft’Up Lite stirrups. Easy to use. Place the Freejump Stirrups in the pocket together hung on the end of stirrup leathers. The soft polar fleece material keeps in contact...
Our Price: £22.00
Freejump Leather Stirrup ProGripFreejump Leather Stirrup ProGrip
Freejump Leather Stirrup ProGrip
FREEJUMP’s stirrups leathers single strap and extra wide design provide unbeatable riding comfort and the guarantee that the FREEJUMP stirrup leathers will not twist. The upper part enables an even more precise adjustment of the length than conventional stirrup leathers thanks to the use of « biothane » material on the back of the upper part of the leathers ; the biothane reinforces...
Our Price: £145.00

Freejump Stirrup Leathers Classic
Freejump Stirrup Leathers Classic
Freejump Stirrup Leathers Classic With a 35mm width for superior comfort, these leathers are made from nylon lined vegetable-tanned leather, and have been designed to fit the wide eye of the Freejump Soft'Up Classic Stirrups. TECHNICAL FEATURES: Nylon lined vegetal leather. 15mm spaced holes for a precise adjustment of the stirrup leather. Leathers designed for the wide eye of the SOFT’UP...
Our Price: £145.00

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