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Absorbine The Mitt
Absorbine The Mitt
The Miss Mitt is a patented, innovative way to apply insect repellents, leather, and grooming products. It's lined and waterproof to help apply sprays and lotions. The protective sleeve also serves as a convenient storage bag for The Mitt . Smaller version of The Mitt perfect for small-sized hands! Waterproof lining protects hands. Great for applying products to "spray-shy" horses. Can be used...
Our Price: £10.50
LeMieux ProKit Lite Grooming BagLeMieux ProKit Lite Grooming Bag
LeMieux ProKit Lite Grooming Bag
LeMieux ProKit Lite Grooming Bag A convenient, lightweight grooming bag that goes anywhere! The ProKit Lite offers numerous zip up compartments and a choice of a grab handle or adjustable shoulder strap. Ideal for travelling or just around the yard Info & Care Care Guide Wipe Clean Only
Our Price: £19.96

Lincoln Cactus Cloth
Lincoln Cactus Cloth
Sisal cloth - an effortless way of removing sweat marks, grass and stable stains and dirt from the coat for a brighter sheen. Natural product.
Our Price: £5.50
Lincoln Grooming Block
Lincoln Grooming Block
Removes loose hair, dried mud and bot eggs. For a cleaner, sleeker coat.
Our Price: £3.50

Lincoln Large Economy Sponge
Lincoln Large Economy Sponge
Lincoln Large Economy Sponge - A large high quality sponge, ideal for many uses around the house, yard and stable. Size: 6" x 4.5" x 1.5"
Our Price: £0.99
Lincoln Sponge
Our Price: £2.99

Lincoln Tack Care Sponge
Lincoln Tack Care Sponge
Lincoln Tack Care Sponge - A handy sized sponge ideal for cleaning tack. Size: 4" x 3" x 1.5".
Our Price: £0.75
Off The CuffOff The Cuff
Off The Cuff
Off the Cuff - Stop getting soaked every time you wash down - This ingenious device to prevent you getting more of a bath than your horse! Can be used for washing anything, including lorries & trailers. Features: One size fits all Also useful cleaning the house, car or trailer Bright colours Ideal out competing to keep you smart and dry!
Our Price: £12.50

Rambo New Market Grooming KitRambo New Market Grooming Kit
Rambo New Market Grooming Kit
Grooming bag; sweat scraper; face brush; body brush; dandy brush; mane and tail brush; hoof pick; curry comb.
Our Price: £31.50
RRP £35.00