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Catago FIR-Tech Hock BootCatago FIR-Tech Hock Boot
Catago FIR-Tech Hock Boot
The CATAGO FIR-Tech hock boot provides good protection for the horse's hocks as it is made of shock-absorbing neoprene and lined with the well-known FIR-Tech fabric, which has woven ceramic particles that reflect the horse's own body heat and increases blood circulation. This means that recovery periods are reduced, and injuries are prevented.
Our Price: £76.00
Catago FIR-Tech Pro BackwarmerCatago FIR-Tech Pro Backwarmer
Catago FIR-Tech Pro Backwarmer
The Catago FIR-Tech Pro Back Warmer Pad is an innovative design that has an array of benefits. It can be used pre- and post-exercise, along with for general use and to aid your horse. The pad reaches its core temperature in just a few minutes, providing constant long-wave infrared heat which soothes, comforts and relaxes the muscles and connective tissue. It works with Active Carbon fibers and is...
Our Price: £219.00

Catago FIR-Tech Pro Charger
Catago FIR-Tech Pro Charger
The Catago FIR-Tech Pro Battery Charger is an EU model with a 100-240V input and a 12.6V output. For charging up the batteries in items from the FIR-Tech Pro range, this is a must-have for giving your horse a bit of TLC.
Our Price: £55.00
Equilibrium Battery
Equilibrium Battery
Equilibrium Replacement Battery
Our Price: £34.95

Equilibrium Charger
Equilibrium Charger
Equilibrium Therapy Replacement Charger
Our Price: £29.95
Equilibrium Magnetic Back & Quarter Pad
Equilibrium Magnetic Back & Quarter Pad
The Equilibrium Magnetic Back and Quarters Pad is designed to support mobility, aid joint function and maintain a healthy back. Contains 4 powerful VITAflex® magnets Removable magnets stick easily to any part of the inner lining Ideal for ridden horses, veterans, on box rest/standing in for long periods of time. Effective, easy to use & comes with a modern & practical sports holdall Longer...
Our Price: £195.00

Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps
Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps
Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps
Our Price: £55.97
Regular Price: £79.95
Saving: £23.98
Equilibrium Massage Mitt
Equilibrium Massage Mitt
Equilibrium Massage Mitt
Our Price: £110.00

Equilibrium Massage Mitt HotspotEquilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot
Equilibrium Massage Mitt Hotspot
Equilibrium® Massage Mitt Hotspot Let your horse relax with comforting heat and massage Choose from heat and two types of massage. Three different massage strengths allows you to tailor the massage. Reach any muscle with the lightweight, portable design. Quick and effective ten-minute programmes. Battery operated with international charger. Why not try the...
Our Price: £140.00
Equilibrium Massage PadEquilibrium Massage Pad
Equilibrium Massage Pad
Equilibrium Back Massage Pad
Our Price: from £320.00

Equilibrium Massage Pad + Hotspot Combo Pack
Special Offer
Equilibrium Massage Pad + Hotspot Combo Pack
Black Friday – Massage Mitt Hotspot Combo – Save £62.50 Combo Save up to £62.50 on the Limited Edition Massage Mitt Hotspot Combo! Containing both the popular Massage Pad and the NEW Massage Mitt Hotspot, this is the ultimate duo we know your horse will love! Reach every muscle with the Massage Pad and Massage Mitt Hotspot, whilst improving their flexibility and...
Our Price: from £387.50
RRP From £450.00
Equilibrium Massage Pad Combo PackEquilibrium Massage Pad Combo Pack
Special Offer
Equilibrium Massage Pad Combo Pack
*** £50 OFF RRP ***
Our Price: from £374.00
RRP From £424.00

Horseware Ice-VibeHorseware Ice-Vibe
Horseware Ice-Vibe
Created with leading technology, the Ice-Vibe® Boots are a fantastic investment for horse owners who want to support optimum tendon and ligament health in their horse's legs. These fantastic contoured portable massage boots can be used to massage the legs without the cold packs before exercise and for rehabilitation or with the cold packs for recovery and during the early stages of rehabilitation...
Our Price: from £195.25
RRP From £216.95
Horseware Ice-Vibe Hock WrapHorseware Ice-Vibe Hock Wrap
Horseware Ice-Vibe Hock Wrap
The Ice-Vibe® Hock Wrap offers a non-restrictive and practical solution to treating your horse's hocks effectively with a targeted treatment. The vibrating massaging hock wrap effectively treats strains, ligament and tendon damage and supports optimum hock health with everyday use; before and after exercise. This innovative hock boot comes with liners containing gel beads that can be activated...
Our Price: £213.25
RRP £236.95

Kentucky Cryo Ice BootsKentucky Cryo Ice Boots
Kentucky Cryo Ice Boots
The Cryo ice boots are the ideal cooling boots that can be used after exercise or competition to cool down the legs of your horse. The boots are anatomically shaped and have a removable Cryo gel pack. The Cryo gel pack stays soft and moulds nicely around the horses legs to give a maximum comfort.Thanks to its innovative silver coated neoprene it insulates the cold between 30 – 40 mins.The lining...
Our Price: £138.99
Kentucky Magnetic Horse Rug RecuptexKentucky Magnetic Horse Rug Recuptex
Kentucky Magnetic Horse Rug Recuptex
The Kentucky Horsewear Magnetic Horse Rug Recuptex offers a revolutionary solution for equine well-being, combining state-of-the-art technology with premium craftsmanship to deliver a rug that stimulates blood and oxygen flow. Following on from the huge success of the Recuptex Magnetic Stable Boots, Kentucky Horsewear began thinking of how they could develop more products with this technology to help...
Our Price: £177.99

Kentucky Magnetic Stable Boots RecuptexKentucky Magnetic Stable Boots Recuptex
Kentucky Magnetic Stable Boots Recuptex
f you are looking to protect and support your horses’ legs whilst stabled, the therapeutic Magnetic Stable Boots Recuptex offer a safe and easy solution to bandaging. The Kentucky Horsewear Magnetic Stable Boots Recuptex combine 21st century fabric technology with an anatomically shaped outer, incorporating breathable wraps styled in an intelligent material called Recuptex. The breathable neoprene...
Our Price: £138.99
Kentucky Recuptex Magnetic Neck ProtectorKentucky Recuptex Magnetic Neck Protector
Kentucky Recuptex Magnetic Neck Protector
The Kentucky Horsewear Recuptex Magnetic Neck Protector uses the amazing fabric from the RECUPTEX® range of therapeutic products. With great results constantly being fed back ref the Recuptex leg wraps and therapeutic horse rug, it made sense to use this unique fabric and develop a neck protector to support better muscle relaxation in your horses neck. You can use this on your horse both pre and...
Our Price: £43.99

LeMieux Arctic Ice Boots (Pair)LeMieux Arctic Ice Boots (Pair)
LeMieux Arctic Ice Boots (Pair)
The Arctic Ice Boots are generously sized, fleixble ice boots designed to give good coverage over the intended area. Four elasticated straps allow for flexible fitting which means that they can be used anywhere on the horse's limb. The unique Hypo-Freeze Gel is formed in 24 separate pockets and contours around the limb ensuring maximum surface contact with Tendons and Joints. This gel is...
Our Price: £64.96
LeMieux Magno Pastern WrapLeMieux Magno Pastern Wrap
LeMieux Magno Pastern Wrap
Maximise your horse's comfort and protection while you ride with the sleek and innovative Magno Pastern Wrap. Our close-fitting soft neoprene pastern wrap contains one 2600 gauss neodymium magnet that helps increase blood flow to the hoof and aids in the reduction of swelling and toxins and the rejuvenation of cells. Sold as a pair.
Our Price: £22.50

LeMieux ProCool Cold Water Boots
LeMieux ProCool Cold Water Boots
LeMieux ProCool Cold Water Boots ProCool Cold water boots Soak & Go! Unique water reactive crystals within boots swell & retain cold when soaked in water. The Contoured shape supports the fetlock & tendon and prevents slipping. So easy to use after XC, work or injury. Can be reused over and over.  Features Contoured with four straps to prevent slipping Unique cold...
Our Price: £42.50
LeMieux ProIce Cooling BagLeMieux ProIce Cooling Bag
LeMieux ProIce Cooling Bag
Designed to perfectly carry a double set of ice boots, the ProIce Cooling Bag is an essential piece of luggage. The foil insulated liner retains maximum cold when travelling or at shows. The choice of grab handles or shoulder strap make the Cooling Bag practical and easy to use. Care Guide Wipe Clean Only
Our Price: £39.96

LeMieux ProIce Freeze Therapy BootLeMieux ProIce Freeze Therapy Boot
LeMieux ProIce Freeze Therapy Boot
The New LeMieux proIce Freeze Boots provide targeted Ice Cold directly to Tendons and Joints. The foil lining effectively insulates and prolongs the cold effect, whilst the soft mesh lining protects skin from freeze burn and allows for maximum transfer of cold. The unique Hypo-Freeze Gel remains soft and contours around the lower limb ensuring maximum surface contact with Tendons and Joints. Regular...
Our Price: £79.96
LeMieux Tendon Chill BootsLeMieux Tendon Chill Boots
LeMieux Tendon Chill Boots
Made for quick ease-of-use as a priority, these close fitting ice boots target the tendons with maximum chill in the shortest period of time. The unique Hypo-Freeze Gel remains soft and contours around the lower limb ensuring optimum surface contact with tendons and fetlock joints. A swept-up rear section covers the high suspensory area often neglected in other boots. These neat boots are low...
Our Price: £79.96

Shires ARMA Cool Hydro Therapy Boots
Shires ARMA Cool Hydro Therapy Boots
Cold water therapy in a boot. Micro-crystals turn to a cooling gel when soaked in water. The crystals swell into the quilted fabric spaces to form a soft gel pad that hugs all parts of the leg when the boot is fitted. The cold compress reduces inflammation, swelling and bruising, cools tendons after exercise and treats soft tissue injuries. Mess free and reusable ? the gel is contained within the fabric...
Our Price: £36.99
Weatherbeeta Comfitec with Therapy-Tec Channel Quilt Detach-A-Neck MediumWeatherbeeta Comfitec with Therapy-Tec Channel Quilt Detach-A-Neck Medium
Weatherbeeta Comfitec with Therapy-Tec Channel Quilt Detach-A-Neck Medium
The WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Channel Quilt With Therapy-Tec Detach-A-Neck is the perfect choice for your horse both pre and post workout or whilst your horse is resting in the stable. Therapy Tec is designed to increase your horse's muscle function to reduce the risk of injury whilst warming up, by preparing the muscles for exercise. Also assists with recovery after work by reducing lactic acid build...
Our Price: £152.60
RRP £164.99

Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec Fleece Quarter SheetWeatherbeeta Therapy-Tec Fleece Quarter Sheet
Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec Fleece Quarter Sheet
The WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Fleece Quarter Sheet is designed to just cover the horse's quarters and finish behind the saddle so not to interfere with the rider's leg. Features include ceramic fabric technology to reflect the horse's own body heat; touch tape strap that attaches to the girth straps on the saddle, making this easy to remove at home or competitions. Therapy-Tec increases your horse?s...
Our Price: £58.50
RRP £64.99
Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec Fleece Standard NeckWeatherbeeta Therapy-Tec Fleece Standard Neck
Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec Fleece Standard Neck
The WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Fleece Standard Neck is an ideal choice pre, post exercise or whilst travelling. Features include ceramic fabric technology to reflect the horses own body heat, Cozi-collar for additional comfort; adjustable buckle front closure with touch tape, twin low cross surcingles and tail cord. Therapy Tec is designed to increase your horse's muscle function to reduce the risk of...
Our Price: £85.50
RRP £94.99

Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec Stable Boot WrapsWeatherbeeta Therapy-Tec Stable Boot Wraps
Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec Stable Boot Wraps
Great for rehab, recovery and preventive maintenance. As well as preventing stocking up in stabled horses. Easy to use leg wraps that have two parts. The outer material is made of strong durable neoprene with four practical touch tape tabs. Inside is a soft, padded ceramic fused pad that is removable. Ceramic technology works by reflecting the horse?s body heat back into the body, which then increases...
Our Price: £83.25
RRP £89.99
Woof Wear Polar Ice bootsWoof Wear Polar Ice boots
Woof Wear Polar Ice boots
The Polar Ice Boots are a must have for the eventing season! Woof Wear’s Polar Ice Boots are a practical solution to cool legs after intensive exercise or to aid recovery from a variety of leg injuries. The boot contains horizontal pockets to position the packs perfectly to wrap around the leg. - Plush Breathable neoprene outer for perfect fitting - 2 horizontal mesh...
Our Price: £64.99