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Derriere Men's Performance Padded ShortyDerriere Men's Performance Padded Shorty
Derriere Men's Performance Padded Shorty
The Padded Shorty includes the DERRIÈRE Equestrian Padded Support System (DEPSS), which provides additional support within the pad and has a unique shape. The DEPSS design was influenced by anecdotal personal preferences of riders, and has proven to be a popular choice among customers. This garment is one of our best-sellers, due to its superior comfort and support. The Padded Shorty is available...
Our Price: £54.99
Derriere Men's SPORT Seamless ShortyDerriere Men's SPORT Seamless Shorty
Derriere Men's SPORT Seamless Shorty
DE Sport is a versatile and highly sought-after garment that is loved by riders and non-riders alike. Designed with stretchable material, it conforms to the natural shape of the body, ensuring a comfortable fit for individuals of all sizes and compositions. As comfort is just as important off the horse as it is on, the DE Sport offers riders and equestrian athletes a solution that works in all areas...
Our Price: £28.99