With a history rooted in craftmanship and a love for horses, Prestige was established in 1974 and has over 45 years of experience making saddles in a totally unique way. They challenged existing manufacturing techniques to create unique and outstanding products. The comfort and harmony of horse and rider has always been the focus of their work ethic and every saddle is the result of this approach.

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Prestige X-Breath DressagePrestige X-Breath Dressage
Prestige X-Breath Dressage
Prestige X-Breath
Our Price: £2,995.00
RRP £3075.00
Prestige X-D2 KPrestige X-D2 K
Prestige X-D2 K
Prestige X-D2 K
Our Price: £3,950.00
RRP £3999.00

Prestige X-D2 K FreePrestige X-D2 K Free
Prestige X-D2 K Free
Prestige X-D2 K Free
Our Price: £3,999.00
Prestige X-PhilosophyPrestige X-Philosophy
Prestige X-Philosophy
The saddle has unisex saddle tree, revolutionary and structurally innovative, featuring the CPS concept, in other words, the “COCCYX-PROTECTION-SYSTEM”, a new injected-membrane geometrical formula with differentiated capacity to absorb all stress and movement. This concept was conceived to protect the ischium bones, the coccyx and the back and it is visible through the soft Plexiglas inspection...
Our Price: £3,450.00

Prestige X-Paris LuxPrestige X-Paris Lux
Prestige X-Paris Lux
Prestige X-Paris
Our Price: £2,976.00
Prestige X-Perience D A+2Prestige X-Perience D A+2
Prestige X-Perience D A+2
Prestige X-PERIENCE Saddle This incredibly advanced Jump saddle is a result of a new in-depth study of human and equine anatomy and the result is a brand new tree to provide superior comfort and performance for horse and rider. X-Technology provides a dual elastic and shock absorbing membrane under the rider's seat bones as well as a new honeycomb elastic stuffing in the panels eliminating the need...
Our Price: £3,380.00

X-Contact K D A+2X-Contact K D A+2
X-Contact K D A+2
The mono flap version of the saddle for to female and male riders seeking the closest contact. The saddle is built on a new tree derived from the X-Perience, which is designed to respect the morphology of modern horses and to provide more comfort for the athletes thanks to the lower cantle at the back. The seat is thinner for closer contact with the horse. It is wider at the cantle and provides an...
Our Price: £3,380.00
Prestige Sottop RP Dressage
Prestige Sottop RP Dressage
PRESTIGE A52 RP Dressage Specifically modified Dressage girth featuring an innovative round-shaped panel. The benefits are: it eliminates almost all lateral movements because the girth slides inside the special panel; the pressure is evenly distributed over a larger surface; the special shape of the panel, characterised by a round contour on the outside and three oval inserts inside, all made in extremely...
Our Price: £230.00

Prestige Non-Stretch Stirrup Leathers
Prestige Non-Stretch Stirrup Leathers
Non-stretch stirrup leathers. Also available for the X-Breath Line with coloured stitching. The Prestige Non Stretch Stirrup Leathers are nylon lined calfskin stirrup leathers. The leathers are plated at top instead of stitched to allow skirt of saddle to sit flat. Available in black, tobacco and cognac.
Our Price: £90.00

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